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Nagricoin announces another bounty campaign

Because of the bounty tokens left and need of support from our community we announce another bounty campaign

To participate: 

Fill the form

Pass KYC, if you still did not

Follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Medium

Like and share posts on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and give 50 claps to each story at Medium

The reward for 3+ reposts of Nagricoin Facebook page per week = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per week.

The reward for 3+ reposts of Nagricoin Twitter page per week = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per week.

The reward for 3+ reposts of Nagricoin Linkedin page per week = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per

The reward for 2+ 50 claps of new Nagricoin stories at Medium = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per week.

Information about previous (ended) bounty campaign:

Nagricoin announces bounty campaign! We have prepared 7317073 NGRX tokens (1 NGRX = 0,1 USD) for people who assist us with the marketing campaign. 2 percent of the issued tokens will be distributed in such shares:

1. Airdrop campaign — 42,5%

2. Bitcointalk signature campaign — 30%

3. Activity in social networks — 20%

4. Creative project support – 7,5%


AirDrop campaign:

There are 2 steps of the airdrop campaign.

Stage one (closed)

You will receive your tokens if you followed all the conditions:

1. Joined our telegram chat

2. Filled the form

3. Entered AirDrop campaign only once. Those who entered it with more than one account will be disqualified immediately for all their accounts.

4. Stayed in the telegram chat until the end of the ITO

Tokens to be distributed as soon as main token sale finishes and we check the fulfillment of all conditions (September 2018).

Stage two (closed)

In the 2nd stage 750.000 tokens will be raffled among investors.

The raffle was handled.

Bounty campaign phase 1(closed)

Week 1 – Week13

We thank all the participants for being with us in this way. We updated the spreadsheet and counted final stakes and amount of tokens earned this period. You can check your results in the spreadsheet

Because of the big news concerning the ITO, the bounty campaign was extended till September 1st. During phase 1 we spent less than 40% of the allocated tokens. That's why we announce bounty campaign phase 2:

Bounty campaign phase 2 (closed)

We extended the range of bounty campaign. At this stage bounty campaign comprises of:

– Bitcointalk signature campaign

– Facebook campaign

– Twitter campaign

– Telegram campaign

– LinkedIn campaign

– Campaign of creative project support

Bitcointalk signature campaign

Terms of participation:

Participants have to be at least junior members (newbies are not allowed) to participate in Nagricoin bitcointalk signature campaign.

Fill the form

Participants have to select and set the BBC-code for the signature and avatar of Nagricoin, which will be active throughout the ITO.

All members need to post at least 8 posts a week until the end of the ITO to be eligible for the reward, each post has to contain at least 35 Characters.

The participants can make publications in any Bitcointalk thread, but posts in Alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.

Spam is strictly prohibited. Spamming users will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.

The reward for participation in Bitcointalk signature campaign:


Terms of participation:

You filled the form

You have an open profile for viewing.

You have at least 500 friends in this profile

Activity of your profile is at least 3 personal posts (not only ICO, bounty reporsts) per week (but not in one day).

You are a registered user for more than 12 months

You put “Like” to official Nagri page on Facebook

The number of rewards for activity on the official Nagri page on Facebook

3+ reposts of Nagricoin page news per week = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per week.


Terms of participation:

You filled the form

You have more than 500 followers and the profile is open for viewing

Your account is older than 6 months and you make at least 1 personal tweet per day

You are a follower of the official Nagricoin account on Twitter

Reward for activity on Twitter

3+ retweets of Nagricoin page posts per week = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per week.


We will value the help in the promotion of the project in the public chats and channels that are connected to the ICO, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Terms of participation:

You contacted our bounty manager and shared a plans about the post

Bounty manager accepts the post, you post it and send us the screenshot

Spam is strictly prohibited. If your post was deleted or marked as spam, you will not get your bounty.

Only one Telegram account/profile per person is allowed

Chat or channel must have at least 300 followers

Telegram account/profile must be public/open for viewing

Reward for activity at Telegram

The reward depends of the volume of the followers and varies from 150 to 1500 NGRX


Terms of participation:

You filled the form

You have an open profile for viewing.

You have at least 500 connections in this profile

Activity of your profile is at least 3 personal posts (not only ICO, bounty reporsts) per week (but not in one day).

You are a registered user for more than 6 months

You are following the official Nagritech page on Linkedin

The number of rewards for activity on the official Nagritech page post on Linkedin

Like, comment and reposts of Nagritech page = 1 stake. You can earn a maximum of 90 NGRX per week.

Campaign of creative project support

If you have any offers for creating any content (stickers, animations, videos, presentations, booklets, articles, press releases etc.), please, contact bounty@nagricoin.io or @NAGRICOIN_OFFICIAL in telegram.

The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

Please note that all the participants of the bounty program have to be subscribed to our official Telegram chat.

Every week, we’ll check the fulfillment of all conditions at bitcointalk and social media campaigns. The results will be shown in the spreadsheet

WEEK 1: Apr 2 – Apr 8

WEEK 2: Apr 9 – Apr 15

WEEK 3: Apr 16 – Apr 22

WEEK 4: Apr 23 – Apr 29

WEEK 5: Apr 30 – May 6

WEEK 6: May 7 – May 13

WEEK 7: May 14 – May 20

WEEK 8: May 21 – May 27

WEEK 9: May 28 – June 3

WEEK 10: June 4 – June 10

WEEK 11: June 11 – June 17

WEEK 12: June 18 – June 24

WEEK 13: June 25 – July 1

WEEK 14: July 2 – July 8

WEEK 15: July 9- July 15

WEEK 16: July 16 – July 22

WEEK 17: July 23 – July 29

WEEK 18: July 30 – August 5

WEEK 19: August 6 – August 12

WEEK 20: August 13 – August 19

WEEK 21: August 20 – August 26

WEEK 22: August 27 – September 1

What is Nagricoin?

NagriCoin is a project of an international biotechnology company NagriTech. The basic asset of this token is the Nagri product itself, which has been in development for more than 7 years. Nagri-HL is the newest organic composite formulation of microelements and antioxidants that stimulate plant growth, which can find the broadest application in the agricultural and plant cultivation sectors around the world, increasing yields and improving the quality of almost all the crops it deals with. NagriTech team consists of reliable and professional members from all over the world.

We are pleased to say that NagriCoin has been highly rated by the authoritative TOP listings as a project which promotes a new generation of smart organic fertilizers. According to these listings, it is considered to be one of the most promising project in 2018. Go and check! Buy a token – become an investor in agricultural project! https://nagricoin.io/#sect_token

Alan Zibluk Markethive Founding Member

Nagricoin public sale is over

Dear members of NagriCoin community! We are happy to announce that our public sale has successfully come to an end. We have reached the soft cap and solidified many important agreements, which will certainly help the growth of Nagri.

We appreciate everyone who supported this project and inspired us to develop products to improve organic farming. Your contribution to Nagri is a step toward a better world.

Nothing would be possible without your support, and nothing motivates more than your trust. Thank you again, organic farming will no longer be pushed to the background, it will be the standard at the forefront of agricultural innovation.
We will continue to update our community on project developments, exchange listings, new distribution partnerships, hiring opportunities, and much more. We will announce our central exchange listings once each investor has passed KYC and AML standards for our exchange partner. We have an agreement in place and plan to be listed by the beginning of October, barring any delays in the investor verification. We are finishing the registration for several decentralized exchanges and should have those available much sooner.

We are excited to provide this opportunity to our supporters. We are also continuing the private sale of tokens and other offers for institutional investors. We have some new investors we are working with and should announce any new private deals soon.

Thank you one last time and we look forward to bringing the world better farming by design and being a champion for organic agriculture because of your support.

Alan Zibluk Markethive Founding Member

Founders Positions STILL Available- with this U are SET FOR LIFE This is TOTALLY PASSIVE INCOME

Hello Teammates

Thank you again for joining The Stellar Association / Yiggiy with me. It just keeps getting more and more exciting as launch day draws closer. If you haven’t been following what is going on, you might want to listen to the members-only call we had Saturday the 18th. I know I had to talk some of you into joining, but I hope you see the Big Picture now ––> those of us who have Founders Positions with this are SET FOR LIFE. This is TOTALLY PASSIVE INCOME, which you will receive every month forever. It comes from the royalties earned on the intellectual property this business owns, just like someone who writes a book gets a royalty on every copy that is sold ….. You know how that works. Same thing.

 Members Only Recorded Call Link for Saturday August 18th 2018   https://stme.in/mff95gslbO

They announced on that call that sales of the Founders Positions for the Second group will be stopped next Saturday, the 25th, at 3 PM EST. If there is enough demand, they will consider opening a Third batch of positions, but there is no guarantee of that, and it is looking very unlikely at this point.   http://www.theassociation.website/index.html?Ref=RBM24-FE53P

So if you want to take any more positions perhaps to give to your children or grandchildren (they can be millionaires by the time they are ready for college), your Church, your favorite charities, etc — or tell any of your friends about this — please do it before Saturday. If you have one position, you’ll get one royalty share each month –– but if you have two positions you’ll get twice as much money every month –– and if you have five or ten, you’ll get five or ten times as much money every month. This is the biggest bargain ever –– for only a one-time $120 USD you will make millions over time. (Please listen to the call for some really great news. They project that we will start getting $6,300 per position within 5-6 months, and each month will pay more than the month before, as the business expands globally and more people join.)



(PayPal is the easiest, and you can use your debit or credit card there too.) When you start getting your totally passive monthly payments, I know you’ll wish you were getting twice as much money, or five times as much money — the only way to make that happen is to take more positions NOW, before they stop sales  Saturday. Once the positions are all gone, they are gone forever, and you will lose the opportunity to get more.

To keep up with all the news, please join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yiggiytournaments , or join our Skype chatroom  https://join.skype.com/c0G5PdBkmjBs.

I sincerely hope you understand the potential of this huge global business — I hope you get excited when you listen to the recording of this week’s members-only call. We should all be able to retire next year with this — well, of course it depends on how many positions you have, how much money in royalties you will get every month going forward. How much do you want for your retirement? http://www.theassociation.website/index.html?Ref=RBM24-FE53P

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If you can swing it to take another position or two, you’ll really be thanking yourself when they start paying this fall. Just think how much more you can do with two or three or five times as much totally passive income. This will probably be the last time I contact you about this, although I may send it out again to be sure you got it. You only have until Saturday the 25th at 3 PM EST to decide how much future passive income you want to receive, how much income you want to retire with, and lock it in.

If you are reading this and you have not registered with us yet you can do so by going here to signup  http://www.theassociation.website/index.html?Ref=RBM24-FE53P

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All Yiggiy Tournaments are FREE to play. There is absolutely NO GAMBLING at Yiggiy.


Alan Zibluk Markethive Founding Member