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Gold silver post strong finish to 2019

Gold, silver post strong finish to 2019

– Gold and silver finished strong for 2019 posting the best year for both metals since 2010 and adding to the New Year’s Eve cheer for precious metals owners. Gold ended the year at $1521 – up 18.5%. Silver ended the year at $17.89 – up 15.9%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, by way of comparison, was up 22% on the year.


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Gold shows resilience as it maintains pricing well above 1500

Gold shows resilience as it maintains pricing well above $1500

With only one trading day left for the calendar year 2019, gold is benefiting from US dollar weakness and thin holiday volume. Today’s volume in the February contract of gold futures is only 204,993. As of 4:00 PM EST spot gold is currently trading up $3.70 and fixed at $1514.50. These gains are combination of a weak dollar (+ $3.30) and traders bidding the precious yellow metal fractionally higher (+ $0.40), this according to the KGX (Kitco gold Index).


Gold futures have been trading fractionally higher and fractionally lower throughout the day. Currently February futures are fixed at $1518, which is a net decline of $0.10 on the day.

U.S. dollar weakness can be partially attributed to an announcement by the White House that the phase-one trade deal will probably be signed next weekend. It was reported in the South China morning Post that, “Washington has sent an invitation and Beijing has accepted it.”

Peter Navarro also spoke with Fox news citing a report, “that Chinese Vice Premier Liu He would visit this week to sign the deal, but did not confirm it.”

According to Reuters, “The White House’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro, on Monday said the U.S.-China Phase 1 trade deal would likely be signed in the next week, but said confirmation would come from President Donald Trump or the U.S. Trade Representative.”

Given that reports seem to indicate that there is an extremely high probability that this agreement will be signed this weekend, there has still been very little released about the agreement itself and what concessions both sides have made to implement this limited agreement.

As reported by MarketWatch today, Chintan Karnani, chief market analyst at insignia consultants in a Monday research report said, “It is only fears of Trump withdrawing from the trade deal that is preventing gold and silver from a crash.”

Lastly gold is being supported by potential geopolitical hotspots. First although North Korea has not fulfilled its promise to deliver a “Christmas gift” to the United States, today national security advisor Robert O’Brien said that the United States is ready to take action if North Korea does act.

The other geopolitical hotspots which are being watched closely include Syria and Iraq. Yesterday officials of the United States announced that they had completed limited airstrikes against Syria and Iraq which were successful, however “additional actions” may still be taken

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Here we are, the time for the launch of the Kinesis Monetary System is upon us and we have achieved a great number of milestones since our last article within the Jewellers Network Magazine.

Some of our more notable achievements are in Indonesia with Kinesis to launch our revolutionary new bullion backed monetary system in Indonesia. This comes with development of Indonesia’s first and only purpose-built bullion vault which will serve Kinesis clients and the Indonesian, Asian Market. We have further entered the healthcare space with a U.S.-based healthcare platform, Rejuvenan Global Health, enabling reward payments using our KAU and KAG digital currencies with the addition of Xceltrip which is a decentralised travel ecosystem.

With XcelTrip you will be able to use the KAU for travel bookings and rewarded. More and more businesses are now experiencing the benefits of the Kinesis Monetary System and a greater number of participants are joining the Kinesis Monetary System to benefit from their participation within this new paradigm of world finance.

Kinesis is growing worldwide, and Africa is no exception.

We made major strides towards building out plans, advising on digital asset policy and establishing relationships with countries across Africa and we should shortly see the first country wide deployment of the Kinesis Monetary System in an African country.

For those who missed our previous article in the Jewellers Network Jewellex Edition and want to know what Kinesis is. Please read further.

The Digital Evolution of the Monetary Standard

The Kinesis Monetary System is an award-winning physical asset-based monetary system utilizing blockchain technology, that also incorporates a fee-sharing yield on traditionally non-revenue bearing assets; precious metals. Kinesis has the advantage of experience in the precious metals market, as well as having significant technology development already completed. It also comes after 2018 saw gold outperform many global equity markets and currencies, attracting renewed interest in the precious metal.

The Kinesis Monetary System is based on 1:1 allocated physical gold and silver, powered by the Kinesis Blockchain Network and the world-leading Allocated Bullion Exchange infrastructure.

KAU (Gold) and KAG (Silver) are the Kinesis Monetary System digital asset currencies.

Digital Gold Currency (KAU)

Description: 1 fine gram physical gold digital token, consisting of gold cast bars of minimum fineness of 999.9 and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX Quality Assurance Framework, table of Approved Refiner List.

Digital Silver Currency (KAG)

Description: 1 oz physical silver digital token, consisting of silver cast bars of a minimum fineness of .999 and bearing an identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX Quality Assurance Framework, table of Approved Refiner List.

Kinesis Monetary System participants hold full title ownership of allocated gold or silver to their KAU (gold) and KAG (silver) digital asset currencies.

Kinesis has developed a multifaceted fee-sharing yield system that is specifically designed to attract institutional and retail capital and incentivise use and velocity of the currency suite. Users are financially rewarded based on their participation and the overall velocity (rate that money changes hands) of the Kinesis digital asset currencies. This revolutionary unique yield is derived purely from economic output rather than debt, unlike fiat currency with fractional reserve banking. The unique yield system encourages adoption and stimulate use and economic value to participants.

When KAU and KAG are transferred between holders the network collects a 0.45% fee that is then accumulated and distributed monthly, in varying proportions, to participants in the Kinesis Monetary System as a ‘yield’.

  • Minter Yield: Minters receive a proportional 5% share of the transaction fees on the Kinesis coins they create and then use. Minting is the process of converting fiat currency or physical bullion holdings into KAU and KAG coins; this is done in the Kinesis Mint.

  • Depositors Yield: Kinesis depositors will receive a 5% share of transaction fees on their initial deposit and then use of Kinesis coins.

  • Holder Yield: Kinesis holders receive a 15% share of the transaction fees generated over the Kinesis Monetary System while holding the currencies, calculated on a daily basis and credited to their e-Wallets monthly.

  • Recruiter Yield: The recruiter yield rewards people or corporations who refer new users to Kinesis. A Kinesis recruiter will receive a proportional 7.5% yield on active Kinesis Wallets.

How to use Kinesis Digital Asset Currencies, KAU (Gold) and KAG (Silver)?

Kinesis Mint

The Kinesis Mint functions as the wholesale market where the currency is created and minted. This occurs in an institutional centrally cleared exchange with deep liquidity and connectivity into global wholesale trading organizations via Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). The Kinesis Mint is currently available to Kinesis Velocity Token owners (KVT) for the minting of Kinesis Digital Asset currencies.

Kinesis Exchange

The Kinesis Exchange operates as an exchange where Kinesis and other digital currencies can be traded. This is being developed internally to ensure deep liquidity for the Kinesis currencies.

Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN)

KBN is the blockchain technology upon which the Kinesis suite of digital currencies are built. Kinesis currencies can be sent, spent, saved, or traded through the blockchain.

Kinesis Commercial Centre

The Kinesis Commercial Centre is another platform to be released with the Kinesis Monetary System. Merchants, entrepreneurs and various business owners will be able to display their products and services on our commercial “super-highway” for further market exposure.

Kinesis E-Wallet

The Kinesis E-Wallet allows the participant to have instant access to their digital asset currencies to send, spend, view balance and much more.

Kinesis Debit Card

Want to treat yourself to your favourite cup of coffee, piece of jewellery or spoil your loved ones, use the Kinesis debit card wherever you go in the world.

Kinesis is a full-circle monetary system made up of all elements and functions required for a successful and effective monetary system.

These differing functions make up different business units within the group.

Kinesis Monetary System and the South African Jewellers Network

Kinesis is proud to be partnered with the South African Jewellers Network to leverage a combined effort towards accessibility and education on the operational usage of the Kinesis Monetary System within the jewellery, precious metal and mining industries. We believe that is important to reward participation within our monetary ecosystem and this will add additional economic benefits and competitiveness for the participants of the South African Jewellers Network. Kinesis supports the growth of new entrepreneurs and established jewellers and aims to lay a foundation for impact towards the market and economic growth within these industries.

David Ogden

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