Start A New Relationship With Your Heart.

Your Heart May Not Be Getting All The Nutrients It Needs.
Your heart works constantly for you day after day. Take the time to tell it how much you love it. Go ahead do it now. Don’t you think it deserves loving attention?. Do this for at least 1min. daily if you can remember. Your relationship with your heart will definitely change. I actually sing to mine. I make up the song as I go but, love is always a part of it.

When your body is out of balance, because of nutrient deficiencies in the foods you eat, everything may seem just fine. But, don’t be fooled, the body will give up certain nutrients it needs to the heart, to allow the heart to continues it’s very crucial work. Over time even the heart after lacking sufficient nutrient will begin to show signs of distress. And, you know where that can lead if it’s not there already.

The solution is to eat as healthy as you can and add high quality plant based supplements to your diet to maintain homeostasis, a youthful appearance and energy at the cellular level. I have found the supplements that works for me. And yes exercise is very important for a healthy heart.

This is not intended as medical advice – please contact your medical practitioner or doctor for your personal needs and conditions.

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Venable Dance

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