Are you frightened of being, or supporting, one of the pioneers?

Imagine being asked to support the Wright brothers in their quest to fly. Many people dismissed them as being mad.
…or what if someone had told you that one day there would be the possibility of flying to the moon?

What would you have done? Would you be the one to support them or would you dismiss them as being mad?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Of course, not everything is as “impossible” as the first flight or the first man on the moon was…
…but whenever a new concept is talked about, there will be those who dismiss it and those who embrace it.

MarketHive, developed over the last two years with almost $500,000 raised by the Founder Members, is a powerful inbound marketing system and worldwide Social Neural Networking community for home based business owners and customers alike. It is also designed to help those seeking an opportunity to start their own business.

MarketHive will offer an extensive range of advanced business marketing tools entirely free of charge to every member. Imagine a system that helps people start up in business without the worry of how much these tools will cost.
MarketHive will derive its income from advertising. However, no member will be under any obligation to place any ads.

MarketHive is currently in the soft launch phase where the Founder Members are carrying out some final testing before release to the public… and also where Alpha Founder positions are being offered to those who share our vision by making a commitment to contribute to the marketing campaign for just one year in return for a lifetime profit share.

I am not going to waste your time… The cost to be an Alpha Founder is $1,200 payable over 12 months. No special deals or useless bonuses if you join in the next five minutes.

There is a maximum of 1,000 Alpha Founder positions. When they are gone, that’s it. Some have already been taken.

You do not need to understand internet marketing to be an Alpha Founder, in the same way that you would not have needed to understand aircraft to support the Wright brothers. However, if you do wish to use the potential of MarketHive to build a business, there will be many benefits such as ad credits for life and much more.

If you are interested in becoming an Alpha Founder, or if you need more information, please send me an email stating Alpha Founder in the subject line to 

Alan Zibluk Market Hive Founding Member